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Come one! Come all! We invite you to match your wits against others at the CCPC.

There are two ways you can register. (Registration is accepted at the event, but we strongly encourage you to register beforehand. If you are not competiting on campus, you must register beforehand.) We will be serving food. Please let us know of any food allergy.

Individual registration

Send us the following information.

Team registration

Send us the following information about each of your team members. As well, we need the following information about your team.

Individual registrants

John Zhang University of Calgary
Darko Aleksic University of Calgary
Graham Baradoy University of Calgary
Sumudu Fernando University of Alberta
Adam Wolfe Gordon University of Alberta
Zac Friggstad University of Alberta
Gilbert Lee University of Victoria
Steven Soneff University of Alberta
Patrick King University of Calgary
Lance Bryant Mount Royal College
Michael Robb Mount Royal College
David Pusch Mount Royal College
Bogdan Sava Mount Royal College

Team registrants

Super Cool Awesome Team Kyle Yee University of Calgary
GKS Tom Flanagan
Gareth Evans
Stephen Zylka
University of Calgary
The Fighting Mongooses Murray Bratland
Ben Stevenson
University of Calgary
Dys-functional Programmers Tom McNulty
Nathan Dick
University of Calgary
if (allWork && !play) { Jack = dullBoy; } Peter VanderMeulen University of Calgary
we're gonna beat you flanagan Ryan Janzen
Ian Hern
Grant Gordon
University of Calgary
/dev/null/ Michael Jones
Andrew Stagg
University of Calgary

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