University of Calgary
2011 ACPC Alberta Collegiate Programming Contest

October 15, 2011, 11:00-16:00


The Alberta Collegiate Programming Contest (ACPC) provides college students from Alberta with opportunities to interact with students from other universities and to sharpen and demonstrate their problem-solving, programming, and teamwork skills. The contest provides a platform for industry and academia to encourage and focus public attention on the next generation of computing professionals as they pursue excellence.

ACPC has been inspired by ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest and can be seen as its unoffical chapter.

Past: ACPC 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

1st team: 8GB iPod Touch    2nd team: 16GB iPod nano    3rd team: 8GB iPod nano
One for each team member, up to a maximum of 3 per team.

Rules regarding team composition, conduct of the contest, and scoring rules.

The registration deadline is 1:00 p.m. on Friday, October 14th.

At the U of C, the contest will be conducted in the CPSC lab on the main floor of the Math building. This is subject to change, so please check this page to verify the information closer to the contest.

The main contest can be found here and will start at 11:00 on Saturday, October 15th.

The practice contest starts one hour before the main contest and is located here. Participation is optional.

You will need a login and a password provided by the organizers.